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New gnu-win32 release status

banders wrote:
> When is the imminent release of b18.5 scheduled Geoffrey?
> Sergey makes me jealous with all his (er.. your) source code.... ;)

My number one problem at this point is dealing with heavy time
contraints.  Since Sergey has kindly made fairly current sources and
binaries available, I am concentrating on beta 19.  I am currently
looking into various issues in gcc, make, and gdb which have been making my
life difficult.  My plan is to release beta 19 when these problems are
taken care of (and when a gap in my other work for Cygnus allows it).
Largely because of the many contributions that Sergey and Chris Faylor have
made recently, the Cygwin32 library itself is in relatively good shape.

After beta 19 is out I'd like to spend some time to try to encourage more
Net participation in the development of Cygwin32.  I intend to create a
gnu-win32-developers majordomo list for Cygwin32 development discussion and
make the current Cygwin32 sources available to everyone.  I also want to
have a maintained TODO list so people know how they can help out.
As always, I welcome any suggestions you might have.


Geoffrey Noer
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