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Two things:

One, I've been pretty quite on here for a while (haven't posted actively
since the whole licensing debate a while back), but I thought I'd actually
ask a simple question:

Has anyone tried getting gnu-win32 to create -or- use COM objects?  I'm
actually starting to find some merit in the COM architecture (maybe I've
been using Windows too long...)

And two: Oh, boy.  More spam.

> Hi!  I was looking around the Internet yesterday, and I saw your web page, and
> I was wondering if you would like to make some money from it!  Here are
> some details of a scheme which can earn you around a thousand dollars a year
> for doing nothing - if people are making money from the internet, we should
> all be entitled to some :)  Have a read through and get in touch!
>      Thanks a lot,
> 	Donna Williams.

Are we supposed to believe that these advertising people were just
randomly surfing the web and decided to check out a set of development
tools?  <snort>  More like their BOT came across the page and found an
e-mail address on it.  Otherwise they'd have mailed or
something, not the mailing list address...

Much as I hate to say it, it starts to look like it might be time to block
posting to subscribers only. :/ Or alternatively, add a front-end
mailfilter to catch things that mention key-phrases common in junkmail. ;P
Especially since 'bots to rove the 'net and grab e-mail addresses from the
text of webpages are more and more common.

Jeremy 'Loki' Blackman (mailing lists)

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