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RE: "GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents" never 0?

"info.exe" finally working on W95

"not owner" error

"tar xvf all.tar" error messages

Re: %USER% under Win95

-lkernel32 bug [Re: API's that certainly do work.[...[...]]]

16 bit DLLs

16-bit dlls call gnu32

<unknown> shared_init: CreateFilemappingA ...

[cygwin32b17.1] Help me !! (alarm func.)

[Help]: Creating libraries to interface DLLs

[Revised] g77-0.5.20 binary release

[Revised] Missing sigaction proto in <sys/signal.h>

^c on bash hangs shell

Re: absolute pathnames not handled in b17.1 make

Announce: IDE for Gnu-Win32

Announce: Pre-release 2 of BlueGnu IDE for GNU C++

Another problem with DLL's

API's that certainly do work. [was; Re: Windows API calls that don't work? (Was RE: Stupid stupid question :/)


Assembler error!!

B17, min/max incompatabilities

Balter's InCivility Does Not Equal a Bug in ld [was: Re: Stupid stupid remarks

BASH && bug and (temp) fix

bash && bug real fix

Bash and CTRL-C. Problem (almost :-) solved.

bash export problem

Bash hangs after pasting [Was "Re: xterm for win32"]

bash problem b17.1 under Windows NT 4/NTFS

Bash redirection woes...

bash won't hand off to perl (reprise)

bash won't hand off to tcsh

beta 17.1 under 95 ( bugs )

Beta-18 anyone?

BlueGnu: FTP server

The bug in ld: some results:

Bug Report: bash

build problem

Building a relocatable DLL - example

Building beta 17.1 on NT 4.0

Calling gnu32-dlls from 16-bit programs

Can't Reference Stderr from a DLL

Commercial Licensing

Compile/link multithreaded

Compiling Perl 5.003 on 17.1

compiling wget and undefined h_errno

compiling X11R6.3 (again!)

configure goes into recursion

Corrected patch to cygwin.dll + ncurses for termcaps

Correction!: GnuWin32 IRCD Server

cpio porting



Crosscompiling again...

Ctrl-C crashes bash

CVS 1.9: RCS_merge Timestamp Anomaly

RE: Cygnus Win32 B17.1: Port of Cyclic Software CVS 1.9

Re: Cygnus' GNU-C/Win32 DirectX stuff


cygwin.dll problem with multiple users

cygwin32 on alpha under FX!32

DBM/GDBM for Windows, usable with VC++?

Debugging exception handler in bash

Differences Win95 / WinNT


directX website

directX with GNU-C/win32

DLL problems understood, but not solved

DLL reference help

DLL to lib*.a?

DLLTOOL documentation?

dlltool faq

Does anyone have a man command??

Re: Does anyone have a man command?? [Fwd: Re: man for NT Emacs?]

drivers for nt

Re: DRS's incivility

Duplicate Messages

Easy one for you guys

elvis & vim, was Re: Does anyone have a man command??

Error on Invoking GCC

Exceptions supported?

FAQ/mail list archive pointer

File operations speed-up

Files in the gunwin32 repository:

A final word on -lkernel32

Float point exception

Float point exception (inaccurate result?)

fock() failure report

fork() bug fixed ????

fork/socket problem

fork_helper: child died

Re: ftp

g77 compiled ?

g77-0.5.20 binaries up for grabs

gcc -s

gcc for WinNT

gcc problem

gcc problems with redirection, tmpfile and clock

Getting /dev/fd0 to work

GNU Editor

GNU make 'export'

gnu smalltalk.1.1.5

gnu-win32 b17.1 bugs list

GnuWin32 IRCD Server

Groff for Gnu-Win32

GUI linking

gunzip question

How can I convert .lib to .a?

How can I Unsubscribe?

RE: How to build X11R6.1 libraries with gnu-win32 beta 17

How to build X11R6.3 libraries with gnu-win32 beta 17

How to compile Midnight Commander?

ifstream trouble

Re: include paths

incomplete ln implementation?

Init bash with .bashrc for gnu-win32

Installation problem with gcc and ld

iostream and stdc++ libraries with Mingw32

Is it possible: WIN32 API LoadLibrary for cygnus's dlls

Latest mailing list archives. Where ?


Link Errors with Net Functions

Link errors.

linker error

Linker switches [ was: Re: API's that certainly do work. ]

linking stripped object files

linking with -mwindows

Linking with .LIB files

Re: Linking with .LIB files / ld bugs

Linking with a .LIB library

linux partition (write) access from win95 via gnu-win32 ?

LoadLibrary fails: How to debug in this situation

Local Address

Re: Location of Bison on beta17.1?

Location of Bison on beta17.1?

Looking for X11 programmers

Looking good

mail archives

make depend

Making man

Mapping UID to username

MI/X Server

Mingw32 version 0.1.3 released

Missing proto for sigaction() in <sys/signal.h>

mkdir fails!


more command (was: Re: Does anyone have a man command??)

Re: Mr Taylor surely understands ld

Mr Taylor surely understands ld: a correction to my previous post

MSVC command line size


multifile patch bug

nasty bug in bsearch() in b17.1 under Windows'95????

Re: ncurses


New DirectX for GNU/Win32 website

new user to cygwin32...

newbie getting undefined references to GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ from ld

newbie question

newlib vs glibc

No Subject

Nobody in the world understands Gnu's 'ld'.

Not owner - bind() run time error.

not owner problem- WinNT 4.0 /b17

NT Scheduler & mounted drive

ODBC with gnu-win32 ?

openGL and .obj files.

ot: cross linking problem with g++ and gcc

pasting from clipboard in bash

Patch 1: g77-0.5.20 with gnu-win32 b17.1

Patch for reliable rcs on win95

Patch for stty & info.exe

patch to cygwin.dll + ncurses for termcaps

Pb port //


RE: Perl 5.003_90 Configure recursion using beta 17.1

Re: Perl 5.003_90 Configure recursion using beta 17.1e

Philipp is right: it is a bug in gcc

Porting Unix to Windows 95

POSIX signal fn & setitimer

Problem in making DLL's

Re: Problem solved: A WWW page!

Problem with inheriting socket filehandles across forks in B17.1 under Win95?

Problem with mixed VC++ , gnu-win32 object files and link

Problem with tar & touch in b17.1 on NTFS file systems

probleme patching the source of X11.

Problems building with native tools

problems linking formats.

Problems with "errno" and "h_errno"

Problems with cvs and diff

The Quest for lean binaries...

Question about Configure

read not waiting for input

resource file handling ?

RPC Stuff

Running Bash Scripts?

Re: Running Bash Scripts? - Summary

running GDB under Emacs on NT patch

setsockopt sendbuf size?


So, why DOES it work

sockets and mingwin32

sockets on WinNT and UNIX

Some slightly modified netpbm programs

Some Surprises

some tiny, and nit-picky, patches

something like getch()

sorry, error in url

Source Available?

Re: patch

Start-up files for bash?

Stat() call speed-up

still installation problems

Strange Error with MingW32 & WinNT

strerror that reports win32 errnos (was Re: Windows API calls that don't work?)

Stupid stupid question :/

Re: Stupid stupid question :/ addendum

Re: Stupid stupid remarks

Support for alpha?

symbolic links

Tcl/Tk MSVC++ dlls and g++

Text editing copy/PASTE for cygwin32

tgetent() in libcygwin.a -- why?


Tiled memory


To Mr Varela

too may open files - tar.exe

Tracing back deleted message

FW: Trying to compile PVM

Trying to compile PVM - Get the following error !

UID to Username

UNC path syntax

Understanding program startup

UNIX-Style sockets with gnu-win32

Unresolved reference to WinMain@16


Using Cygwin to build a system service under NT

Using DBLibrary with GNU-WIN32

Using MicroImages X Server with x11r6 NT binaries

very simple X + gnuwin32

VirtualProtect problem when rebuilding tool chain

VirtualProtect problem.

was: (Re: still installation problems)

Where to find remshd, and groff for NT?

Win NT services

win32 tutorial or book

Re: Windows API calls that don't work? (Was RE: Stupid stupi

Windows API calls that don't work? (Was RE: Stupid stupid question :/)

Windows API's [was: Re: Stupid stupid question :/ ]


A WWW page!

X and rxvterm or similar?

X server for NT?

X server for Win32 questions

Re: X Windows

X windows applications to Windows NT


X11R6.3 and cygwin.


Re: XFree ported to Windows NT?

XPilot server (socket and timer pb)

RE: xterm for win32

Re: xterm for win32g

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