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Re: Cygnus' GNU-C/Win32 DirectX stuff

Actually, I now have all the DirectDraw stuff converted, header file and all.
I even made an import library for it.  All the user has to have is DirectX set
up and working on his computer.  I've also pretty much got the DirectSound
stuff done (except 3d sound).  But I haven't had a chance to test it yet.  I
have everything I've got done pertaining to DirectDraw at my website:

The header file was barely modified, actually.  I had to convert part of another
basic header file for windows, tho.  It was called objbase.h or something like

But you see, the hardest thing I've found, is that I know next to nothing when
it comes to Win32 C programming. :(  I've been programming with GCC for DOS
(djgpp) and GCC for linux for quite while, tho, so I have an adequate
background in programming C/C++.  Anyway, I am looking for help on this little
project of mine.  It's rather time-consuming to be converting all this stuff
by myself (nothing really difficult about it).

- Rocky
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