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Calling gnu32-dlls from 16-bit programs

	Thanks for the quick response, but I perhaps didn't make
the situation clear. So  here is a more precise description: I have
a 16-bit dll written in MSVC that can call 32-bit dlls via the 
'Generic thunking' functions LoadLibraryEx32W, GetProcAddress32W,
and CallProcEx32W. This works for 32-bit dlls generated by MSVC
and Borland 4.52. It seems to me that there is no special processing
required by the 32-bit compiler, a dll is a dll is a dll (Here is
where I might be wrong). The compiler support you mention
is on the 16-bit end and is taken care of by the above mentioned API's.
(I realize that calls back into the 16-bit dll are out of the question, 
which is perhaps your point). The problem arises that the 32-bit dll
does not load with the LoadLibraryEx32W, and I cannot obtain error
information. I seem to recall a thread concerning LoadLibrary and
gnu32 dlls, was that ever resolved?


> Your question about not being able to link 32-16 thunking layer is easily
> answered: this will never work because that kind of support needs a lot
> of help from the compiler: pointers have to be converted from 32 bit flat
> pointers to 16:16 segmented pointers before you can use those in a 16 bit
> application. This is not provided by gcc at all, so that will never work.

/* Matt Calder, Dept. of Statistics, CSU */
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