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RE: Using MicroImages X Server with x11r6 NT binaries

>>>>> "SO" == Sergey Okhapkin <> writes:

 SO> Myles Bogner wrote:
 >> I have downloaded and unpacked both MicroImages X Server and
 >> x11r6bin_tar.Z.  I can get the X Server to display X programs from
 >> a remote UNIX box.  However, I cannot figure out how to use it
 >> with the Client files I downloaded.  For example, I start the X
 >> Server and then attempt to run oclock, and get Error: Can't open
 >> display: .  How do I set the display locally?  I'm running Win 95.

 SO> Set environment variable DISPLAY to localhost:0, or run "oclock
 SO> -display localhost:0"

I realize my question is off-topic for the list in general, but this
thread on X servers suggests that I'm more likely to find help here
than anywhere else.

I can compile X clients with gcc, run them locally with MicroImages's
X server. But I am unable to figure out what my dynamically assigned
IP is, so that I can set DISPLAY on the remote system.

Does anybody know of a way to do that. (I'm also running Win95.)

Thanks in advance.


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University of Colorado | Fax:   303-492-2758
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