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Re: Does anyone have a man command?? [Fwd: Re: man for NT Emacs?]

Peter Craft wrote:
> I'm not sure if this mailing list is the right place to
> send this question, but I'm trying to find a man command
> to allow me to view the man pages that are distributed with
> the gnu-win32 toolset.  I've searched everywhere, but can't
> seem to find one (or an equivalent *roff command).

Hmm!  This seems to be the question of the moment!  Attached is a
response I sent a few minutes ago to a related list.

Kevin D'Elia wrote:
>         Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of 'man' for NT Emacs?  I am
> using the cygnus tools and would like to view the man pages which come
> with the product using M-x man.  Thanks in advance to all who respond...

I'd be very interested in a good answer to this question myself. 
Meanwhile ...

There is a remark somewhere in the Cygnus stuff to the effect that they
have not yet ported man, but that if they did then they would probably
include it in the distribution.  I don't know whether it is difficult to
port, or just that no-one has yet done it.  I think we will also need
nroff/troff, which can be replaced by the GNU version (groff ?), which
also needs to be ported ...  I'm considering looking at the Linux
sources, which (except for the kernel) I believe are just ports of GNU.

Actually, I'd rather have info files than man files.  Some come with
Cygnus, but a lot appear to be missing, and my first step will be to
copy them from Linux.  (On our Linux systems they are about 5Mb of
*.info.gz files in /usr/info which I shall tar and ftp.) Maybe that will
suffice.  I would take them from a GNU archive, but as far as I can see
the documentation is all buried in the complete distribution for each
program and is not available separately (is it?).

But I'd be grateful anyone who finds or ports man and/or groff could let
me know, please.  Thanks, Francis


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