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Re: Nobody in the world understands Gnu's 'ld'.

Fergus Henderson wrote:
> Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> >
> > Let's not get carried away here.  I understand the linker perfectly
> > well, and so do a number of other people.
> [...]
> > In fact, BFD works quite well.
> [...]
> However, let's not forget the point either: the GNU ld code
> is poorly structured and poorly documented.

Yes, I'd not be as mild as Fergus. I went through the same sorrows as
Jacob Navia when trying to understand the DLLTOOL source. It was 
'somehow' documented and completely unstructured, ergo not

> Regardless of what happens with BFD, Cygnus ought to ensure that
> whatever code they write is well documented and properly structured.

This is something I learnt years ago in University and even my
personal 'quick-hacks' follow this philosophy. It really pays off.

> > I'd love to have some documentation if you care to write some and
> > contribute it.  This is, after all, free software.  It improves by
> > contributions.

Contributions sold afterwards by Cygnus. Forgive me, but if my
work is going to produce benefits, they should be for me and not
for someone else. I'm no DOn Quijote.

Ergo => all this commercial licensing stuff of Cygnus has somehow
rarified the atmosphere of FSF'ish software (that's at least my 
feeling and my VERY personal opinion)


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