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Re: problems linking formats.

gnu list,
	Sorry to branch off on this thread, but if someone
who can answer this has a minute I'd really appreciate it. 
There has been much discussion on this thread about various 
object file formats, I do a lot of work with a statistical 
package (Splus), that allows one to load user code via 
object files or dlls. The object files however must have been
produced by the Watcom compiler. If one tries to load object
files produced by MSVC it complains that the object file
is not Intel-OMF. What I want to know is what object file
formats the various PC compilers use, Borand, MSVC, Watcom, 
etc..., Is it possible to convert from one to another?, 
Is there freely available documentation on these formats?
	On a side note, a question that is perhaps of a 
more general interest. If I am unable to load object files, I
must write dll's. I would like to use the gnu32 compiler. The
Splus package however, only allows loading of 16-bit dlls.
I have code written for 16->32 bit calls via generic thunking
(as described in MS Knowledge Base) that works with 32-bit
dlls compiled by Borland and MSVC. When I use a dll compiled
with gnu32 (based on the excellent and much appreciated examples
on the cygnus web site) the call to LoadLibraryEx32() fails. In
my experience this is due to auxilliary dlls not being found, 
however everthing is in the path as near as I can tell. Has 
anyone successfully loaded a gnu32 compiled dll via the 
LoadLibraryEx32() call? Is there any way to determine what 
goes wrong when this call fails (recall, it is called from a 
16-bit dll, no GetLastError()) ? 


/* Matt Calder, Dept. of Statistics, CSU */
/* */

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