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Re: Nobody in the world understands Gnu's 'ld'.

>>>>> "HZ" == Hans Zuidam <> writes:

HZ> A sad thing about the current GNU code is that it starts to show
HZ> it's age.  Look at the average gdb debugger interface: cut and
HZ> paste programming and lots of comments about the writer being
HZ> uncertain if [s]he's doing the right thing. 

Anyone who has read the diffs of daily snapshots or looked through
ChangeLog files knows this isn't the whole story.  Development is a
constant process of apply/generalize/simplify.  You are just pointing
to the first part and ignoring the others.  Comments like that are
honest and useful.  As for the linker, keep in mind that the
information which is available for targeting certain platforms can
often be of a low quality; there can be significant uncertainty about
what it *ought* to do.  

I'm seen many examples of Mr. Taylor and others at Cygnus rewriting
code.  What you report is the exception not the rule, especially when
it comes to the complex high-maintenance stuff.

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