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ot: cross linking problem with g++ and gcc

Got a problem. Under linux, the gnu compiler doesn't allow cross linking
of object files correctly between gcc and g++. In my case I have a large
amount of C++ files which have to be compiled under g++, on the other
i have a C file using a C library. I didn't write any of the code
I am just attempting to merge the two sets of code. All my attempts to
compile the C file under g++ ended in failure. I was eventually able to
it to compile, but the code which originally worked, now no longer
correctly. The C++ code is many many pages of code, which generates tons
errors under gcc. I dunno what the difference between g++ and gcc, but
apparently the output .o files are incompatible somehow. Does anyone
of a way, a compiler/linker option, or something else which would allow
me to link the two projects together? The linker error I get is:

undefined symbol "run" in file such and such, ect, ect.

I have the run function defined in my .cc file, and it is being called
from my .c file. The .c file has the correct prototype for the run
function but is unable to find it in the .cc file on link. If anyone
has any ideas, lets me know..

		Thank you.
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