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Re: Nobody in the world understands Gnu's 'ld'.

Fergus Henderson wrote:

> Regardless of what happens with BFD, Cygnus ought to ensure that
> whatever code they write is well documented and properly structured.
> This will result in products that are easier to maintain, easier
> to extend, and as a result in the long term the products will be better.
I don't know if all this stuff about "Cygnus should do this, Cygnus
should do that..." is accurate...I thought GNU ld was part of the
standart GNU package, and that the ld with cyg-win32 was just a port
win32 port of the standard GNU ld. If this is the case, it's not
really Cygnus that should be "making sure it is well documented
and properly structured."  I would assume that the structure has been
an evolution over many years(like emacs or rcs or cvs) and has been
tinkered with by many people.  And as far as documentation, it might
be easiest to start at the GNU Home Page, since it is the cyg-win32 
ld is based on the standard GNU ld...of course, if the ld is 
a custom linker that cygnus wrote, it's another matter...but
free software is free software, and you have the source, as
cryptic as it may be.  Isn't 70% of programming getting frustrated
by having to read someone elses oddly structured code to figure out
what it does?  I could be speaking from a somewhat tainted perspective
here, as I'm a video game programmer doing a port, and I do windows
programming "for fun"....

Joel Dinolt,
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