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Re: Stupid stupid remarks

DRS wrote:
> Jim Balter wrote:
> > Under NT 4.0, the program dies just by virtue of *referencing*
> > GetFullPathName, without calling it (as APS said).
> Huh. Must be a bug in the linker. (Not.)

It is, and I've proven it.

> The following code compiles and works correctly under win95.

It has been proven that Win NT misbehaves in cases where win95 does not;
ld -s is a well-known example.

> // g++ -o test.exe test.cpp

This has nothing to do with the bug being discussed.

> So even though you and Phil claim to have found a linker bug, I have
> yet to be able to reproduce it.

So what?  You haven't run the same code, nor on the same system.

> The correct prototype for GetFullPathName looks like this, Jim:

Well known to me, but irrelevant.

> Perhaps. But my code seems to work, while yours and Phil's doesn't. ;)

Which of course is not the point.  But in fact, Phil's code works
if -lkernel32 is omitted from the command line.

> Regards as always.

Not from me.

<J Q B>
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