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Re: Windows API's [was: Re: Stupid stupid question :/ ]

> A. Phillip Smith wrote:
> It does not verify the presence of the file name. It is not a "search" 
> api at all. Granted, this is a pretty stupid behaviour, but then I'm not 
> an MS apologist. The API in question works correctly and compiles
> correctly
> under gnu-win32. You simply don't know how to use it.
> BTW, perhaps you were not aware, my reply was not to the list, but to
> you. This
> was to save you embarassment. The fact that you replied to the
> mailing-list
> anyway does not inspire confidence. 
> --DRS
I'm sure the offensive tone of your response was not intended. As I always
welcome feedback, please bear with me and *do* try to maintain you objectivity.
First, if you built the example on a vanilla b17.1 binary distribution on NT
(I'm using 3.51), and compiled, you would see:

	First case: compiling WITHOUT using/including the GetFullPathName
	instantiates the pop-up message box. Note you must also strip the
	executable on NT.

	Second case: repeating the last test with the GetFullPathName
	UNCOMMENTED causes silent death, as I stated. The use of this
	particular API (versus SearchPath) is irrelevant and should not 
	cause the behaviour we see. It certainly seems that either you 
	didn't really try this in your haste to snipe.

I posted the original message to the *forum* because I believe this to
be a legitimate problem. I have absolutely no "embarrassment" in issuing
a group reply, as I thought it to be an oversight. I would prefer any future
feedback in the light of an open forum. Finally, if you find the example
ridiculous, please take it up with The Waite Group, as it was almost
entirely excerpted from their Win32 Programming Bible, pg 926. If you
are of a mind to seriously (and objectively) examine the problem at hand
I look forward to reading it. I have no time for flames, though and only
wish to share this experience with others in the group.


	Phil Smith

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