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Re: Windows API calls that don't work? (Was RE: Stupid stupid question :/)

Colin Peters wrote:
> PS. Any confirmations on that statement about NT from other readers?
>     Does stripping an executable make it work? Do you *have* to strip
>     on NT? Is there a difference between the -s link option and using
>     strip after linking?

My experiences with gnu-win32-produced binaries on NT 4.0 are:
- gcc -s is different from strip (strip produces a working binary
  while gcc -s doesn't). 
  This statement isn't true for dlls or any binaries containing a 
  .reloc section. For binaries containing a .reloc section strip 
  doesn't work either.
- there is no need for stripping binaries which don't contain
- binaries containing resources have to be stripped to get them
  working (NT 4.0 'feature')
  they have to get a .reloc section 
- gdb crashes when loading a gnu-win32-produced executable containing 
  a .reloc section (currently you cannot debug any programs containing
- gdb doesn't crash when loading any program containing a .reloc section
  which isn't produced by gnu-win32 (in other words, you can load
  notepad into gdb and it doesn't crash)
- dll relocation doesn't work in some cases, this problem is hard to
  reproduce, it seems to apply to bigger dlls

I hope this helps to find the Bad Binary Bug.

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