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Re: g77 compiled ?

"Masahiro Kan, Home" <> writes:
>    BTW, Mumit Khan announced the binaries of g77-0.5.20 for gnu-win32 b17.1
> at 16th March in this mailing list;
>    I downloaded it and tested, but encountered the following message.  
> I suppose gcc.exe which recognizes g77/f771 should be also included in the 
> binary distribution.
> gcc : language f77 not recognized
> gcc : xxx.f: Fortran compiler not installed on this system

It's because my binary distribution is flawed from what others tell me.

1) I forgot to include modified gcc.exe
2) the pathnames don't jive with Cygnus directory hierarchy.

I really would prefer that g77 enthusiasts download my source patches 
instead and build it from scratch. I simply don't have the resources
to support binary distribution that will realiably work under other's

If I get a bit of free time, I'll rebuild using the same pathname that
Cygnus uses and hopefully the binary distribution will work then.

Mumit --

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