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problems linking formats.

gnu-win32 readers-

Here is a problem involving several backends....

The toolchain was recompiled as follows....

./configure --target=i386-unknown-aout --host=i386-pc-cygwin32
--enable-targets=i386-unknown-aout,i386-unknown-pe --program-suffix=.exe
--prefix=/usr/testbuild -v > configure.log 2>&1
make > make.log 2>&1
make -k install > makeinstall.log 2>&1

the result is that we have a compiler which targets aout-i386, and can
read aout-i386 and pe-i386

For reasons I need not explain... 

We have a library, built with MSVC 4.x  object code ONLY  :-@

We need to link this to an aout-i386 format target (same cpu, different
Naturally the gnu-win32 toolchain seemed like a solution. Our logic:
gnu has
always supported a.out well, however pe-i386 support was not all there,
or not
easy to find.

We are experiencing a problem, and I wondered if anyone had 
some experience or direction....

When testing the execution, the following situation was uncovered....

we have four functions

fooWin32 (in the win32 object code)
foobarWin32 calls foobarAOUT
fooAOUT, which calls fooWin32 from our source.
foobarAOUT does nothing
Here is the test  from main(), from source

main calls fooAOUT   -  This works
fooAOUT calls fooWin32 - This works

main calls fooWin32  - This works

main calls foobarWin32 - This works
foobarWin32 calls foobarAOUT - This DOESN'T work

This appeared very interesting.

So I did some investigation....

objdump says this..

fooWin32 is at xxxx1F0
foobarWin32 is at xxxx200
fooAOUT is at xxxx210
foobarAOUT is at xxxx220

when I look at the diassembly of the program, 

The call from foobarWin32 to foobarAOUT is off by 4 bytes!!!!

We tried the following (as a brute force patch)
we did an objcopy of the win32 object code

objcopy --adjust-section-vma=text-4  --remove-section=.debug$S
--remove-section=.debug$T --strip-debug myfoo.obj foowin32.obj

This objcopy permitted foobarwin32 to call foobarAOUT

now we have a real problem

fooWin32 can't call foobarWin32

Does any one have any ideas on this?



NT 3.51  
running b17.1  
on pentium machine

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