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Mingw32 version 0.1.3 released

Hello all,

I have put together a minor update of the Minimalist GNU Win32 package fixing a
few bugs and omissions in the header files, plus some of the known problems with
version 0.1.2. There are also a few additions to the documentation including a
troubleshooting section in the readme file, which should help people solve some
of their GNU-Win32 installation woes (I hope).

In addition I have made a new release of Jam for Mingw32 and have started working
on some examples of how to use Mingw32 to build DLLs, how to add resources to your
programs, and stuff like that. The new Jam release almost fully automates building
DLLs, import libraries, and including resources in your programs (though you may
have to look at the documentation and Jambase that comes with the source to
figure it all out, sorry).

As far as I know there are still some problems for Netscape users downloading from
Geocities, so if you get corrupted files try the Japanese site.

Anyway, the downloads are available at


Go to the page gcc.html at either of those sites for more links and downloads
(including a direct link to the readme for Mingw32 0.1.3).

Happy coding,


PS. I'm out of town for the weekend, but if you email me I'll try to get
    back to you on Monday.

-- Colin Peters -
-- Saga University Dept. of Information Science

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