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Re: Another problem with DLL's

On 20 Mar 97 at 13:17, John Cerney wrote:

> >I've got a problem with DLL's...
> >
> >Folowing the instruccions of the home page of Cygnus, everything
> >works OK when I link the DLL with my executable but... if you try
> >to load the library indirectly via LoadLibrary(), it returns an
> >HRESULT of 0
> >
> >Someone knows how to solve this or is just a bug?
> I'm not sure what is wrong with your code, but I know this does
> work. Here is a simple example of loading a DLL at runtime using
> LoadLibraryEx calls. This compiles and links fine on both win95 and
> winNT.

   Hello John!

   Just one question. Did you try to compile your MAIN with VC++ but 
DLL with gnu-win32 ? Does it work ?
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