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Announce: Pre-release 2 of BlueGnu IDE for GNU C++

Pre-release 2 of the BlueGnu IDE with support for GNU C++
is now available for download from our server at the
University of Linz:

In the download area is a small patch consisting of two
files for updating from the first pre-release.

Changes since first pre-release

* The GNU C++ interface now works for NTFS partitions.
  The previous version could not launch the compiler
  when installed on NTFS

* Distribution is now modular. You therefore can use
  an already installed version of the GNU C++ compiler
  (should work for MinGW and cross-compilers, too,
  although this has not been tested).

  Available modules:
  - BlueGnu system (must be installed!), 1.4MB
  - GNU C++ plug-in with compiler, 10MB
  - GNU C++ plug-in for already installed compilers, 2MB
  - Oberon-2 plug-in with compiler, 2MB

Main features

* Integrated development environment
  - project management with project templates
  - programmable editor with keyword highlighting,
    macros and folding
  - interfaces for compilers, editors and tools

* GNU C++ 2.7.1, ported by Cygnus Inc. for Win32 (beta 17.1)

* Oberon-2 compiler for Windows from Robinson Associates

We like to get feedback about this software. Questions,
suggestions, and bug reports are highly welcome.

Ulrich Kreuzeder
Research Institute for Microprocessor Applications
Johannes Kepler University
Altenbergerstrasse 69
A-4040 Linz
Phone: ++43 (0) 732 / 2468 - 437
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