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Patch for stty & info.exe

insert your favorite disclaimer here, I ain't responsible for nuttin!! ;^)

The enclosed dif files are to add better support for stty, ^S ^Q and some
of the others work now, and an actual patch file for getting info.exe to
work thanks to Tony Fitzpatrick.

I'm working under win95, with all filesystems mounted -b, so the patches
are LF only.

(Tony, I moved ndelay_set to fhandler.h to get it out of the public eye)

Possibly O_NDELAY & O_NONBLOCK would be better implemented by using
FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, but in this case, it wouldn't matter, because we're
using FakeReadFile for input anyway. (and I'm too lazy ;)

I believe that these patches will apply and work correctly with a virgin
winsup/*, but when testing them, I had the following patches applied.

(My own and Sergey's fixes to FakeReadFile are included in the info.dif)

Patch for diropen() fixes access to /
patch for open() fixes tar overwrite bug
symlinks to directories and exe's
_get_osfhandle and/or mmap under cygwin dll
Noer's The #! shell script patch to winsup
Noer's fix for rename
Patch for termcap/info support for ncurses

(and maybe a few others I forget)

(the names may not be exact)

info.dif (DIF File)

stty.dif (DIF File)

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