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Re: The Quest for lean binaries...

Hi Bernd,

I don't really have a good explanation for you of the current state (although
I'm sure someone on this list will!) but I can tell you what I've heard and
how you SHOULD be able to get smaller executables on NT.  Stripping
executables apparently strips too much, making the executable useless.  I'm
not sure why things would still be OK under 95 in this case.  Perhaps 95 is
too stupid to know it shouldn't like the executable!;-)  Anyway, from what
I've heard, you should be able to get a smaller executable by compiling a
non-debug version (rather than a debug version and then stripping it).  I
am, of course, assuming you are building a debug version and then stripping
it (which is essentially what happens behind the scenes with -s option).  I
have not myself heard of a resolution to the stripping problem though....

Larry Hall                    
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Wellesley, MA  02181                             

At 05:13 PM 3/17/97 +1, BERND LASER wrote:
>Ladies and Gentlemen,
>again and again and again ...
>we have to deal with the infamous 'not owner' problem which turns out 
>to be corrupted executables at least under NT4. After reading FAQs 
>and searching ml-archives this doesn't seem to me to be really straightened 
>out at all.
>I have successfully compiled a quite large seismic processing package 
>in plain 'C' under cygwin32 which consits of quite a few but mostly 
>quite small modules. Using gcc's -s options i get corrupted exe's not 
>running under NT. Avoiding it they run but are too large (for my 
>humble opinion).
>The other day then I loaded some exe's for cygwin32 down ('man' in 
>particular), found them quite lean and - Not owner! Got suspicious 
>then, tested them under win95, and they seem to run OK.
>So, is this just the status quo? Or is there any solution to get lean 
>exe's also under, say, NT4SP2 ? I don't think copying the libc++ from 
>Beta 14 would help me anyhow.
>I would really appreciate any kind of answer !
>Bernd Laser
>Dep. of Earth Sciences
>University of Bremen
>FON:               FAX:               EMail:
>+49 421 218 7286   +49 421 218 7179
>   Bernd Laser
>   Universitaet Bremen, FB 5
>   P.O. Box 330440
>   28334 Bremen
>   Germany
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For help on using this list, send a message to
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