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running GDB under Emacs on NT

I want to run gdb under Emacs so I can view the source code as I hit
breakpoints, single-step, etc.  Has anyone tried this on NT?  I have the
following versions:

	gnu-win32	17.1 (beta)
		gcc	2.7.2-96-10-23
		gdb	4.16.1
	Emacs		19.34.1

These are binary images loaded from the web, I have not built them

I have compiled the infamous "hello world" program with the "-g" option.
In Emacs, I invoke the command "gdb hello.exe".  A "gud-hello.exe"
window opens.  From there I enter "target exec hello.exe" and then "run"
on the command like and it runs OK (I do get a bunch of messages
complaining about not being able to read line numbers in some .dll files
but I assume that's because I don't have the source for these files).
If I try to run the same thing with a breakpoint set at "main" then a
line is displayed that indicates the breakpoint is reached at main but
the Emacs hangs.  The gdb prompt never appears and the source code does
not show up in another window.  ^X^C does not free things up.  I have to
kill the gdb.exe task from the NT Task Manager to get Emacs to work

Thanks in advance.

-- Chris

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