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Re: Tiled memory

Interesting detour here.  Just my 2 cents :

> i.e. if you declare
> 	_tiled int vector1[1024],vector2[1024],vector3[1024];

This sort of special treatment should be included into some
sort of optimizing flags, or parallelization flags to tell
compiler to automatically process, or group instructions to
process, them in parallel.  Using your example and IMHO,
I would have liked 
	int vector1[1024],vector2[1024],vector3[1024];

	vector3 = vector1+vector2;

more than the explicit "_tiled" declarative.  In the case in
which I want parallelization, I turn on the compiler flag,
or else for algorithmic debugging (instead of mixing up with
parallelization bugs), I would turn off the compiler parallelization
flag.  This way would be easier for the user.

On the other hand, the "_saturated" declarative is perhaps
necessary as a type modifier (like "unsigned", "long long" etc).
I'm not familiar with MMX instructions, but if MMX has a fast
(perhaps single) instruction for "cropping" values like that,
then it will be extremely useful for applications in signal
processing, images, etc.  You might have to worry about
other complications like
	_saturated long long sllvar;
	_saturated double    sdvar;

BTW, why is it underscored?  (_saturated)

> Well, I will stop here, I am wasting bandwidth, that would be
> better used discussing /groff/termcap/vi/bash/ls/less/old.

Personally, I think these are just practical issues whose
answer users would like to know to fully utilise the resources
Cygnus has created.  I'll rather read answers to these same
questions twice (perhaps in different fonts :)  than to read
a list of endless political debates and accusations.

Anyway, thanks for lcc, and keep up the good work!

Chin Chee-Kai (Last, First)
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