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Re: Start-up files for bash?

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Leonard Sisson wrote:

> I have just installed the Cygnus Win32 utility binaries including Bash under
> Win 95.  A few years ago I had & helped do admin on a Sun Sparc system and
> used mostly csh.  As I recall, we had both system startup and individual
> login startup (something like .cshrc, .profile?) files as well as such files
> as some in an /etc directory (hosts & others).  I assume such startup files
> are implemented for the Win 32 port of Bash, but I haven't run across the
> documentation on how to do that yet.  Can anyone tell me where I can find
> that info?

  Well, I can explain how I set up my system, I think it works pretty 
well. =) (On win95 that is)

 first off, I made a  d:\etc dir (change the d: to whatever you plan to 
use as your main filesystem.   then I made a bogus /etc/passwd file that 
looks like this.


now you have a passwd entry for yourself, and bash will look at this when 
you load it.  the important part is the  /root  bash will then look for a 
file called  /root/.bashrc  and run that if it exists.  Also, my port of 
ssh will also need this as ssh needs to make a  /root/.ssh dir.

Incidently, making the passwd file with a path to your home dir makes a 
LOT of programs "work", that I was having a tough time trying to figure 
out a way to make it work =)

also, I use the "mount" command to make things a little more nicer looking...

bash$ mount
Device           Directory           Type        Flags
d:\usr\include   /usr/include        native      no-mixed,text=binary
d:\tmp           /tmp                native      no-mixed,text=binary
d:\root          /root               native      no-mixed,text!=binary
d:\etc           /etc                native      no-mixed,text=binary
\\.\tape1:       /dev/st1            native      no-mixed,text!=binary
\\.\tape0:       /dev/st0            native      no-mixed,text!=binary
\\.\b:           /dev/fd1            native      no-mixed,text!=binary
\\.\a:           /dev/fd0            native      no-mixed,text!=binary
d:\bin           /bin                native      no-mixed,text=binary
h:               /                   native      no-mixed,text=binary

Notice the switching back and forth from text=binary and text!=binary.
its a very odd thing, things like "patch" command seems to need the 
text=binary on the file system, but other things break with that same 
thing. (my .bashrc breaks when it is text=binary)

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