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Re: Start-up files for bash?

In message <>, Leonard Sisson writes:
>I have just installed the Cygnus Win32 utility binaries including Bash under
>Win 95.  A few years ago I had & helped do admin on a Sun Sparc system and
>used mostly csh.  As I recall, we had both system startup and individual
>login startup (something like .cshrc, .profile?) files as well as such files
>as some in an /etc directory (hosts & others).  I assume such startup files
>are implemented for the Win 32 port of Bash, but I haven't run across the
>documentation on how to do that yet.  Can anyone tell me where I can find
>that info?
The bash shell is fully documented in the info/ file that
should reside under the root of your cygwin32 installation.  You will
find a discussion of the startup files it uses there.

This file is most easily browsed with an info file viewer such as the
one built into emacs.  It is, however, a mostly ASCII file, so any
reasonable editor or file viewer (even your web browser) will do.

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