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Re: X and rxvterm or similar?

In message <>, kendall shaw writes:
>I would try to compile the X libraries if I could get xterm type
>capabilities. I've read that I can't compile xterm. What about some other
>Failing that, is there an ftpd for nt that is free that will be
>understood by ange-ftp in emacs on my unix computer?

NT comes with an FTP server that can be configured to return directory
listing information using the Unix style formatting needed by Emacs'
ange-ftp mode.  On NT 3.51, the program to configure the FTP service
to do this is FTPCONF.EXE, which comes as part of the Windows NT 3.51
Resource Kit.  (Unfortunately, the default setting on 3.51 is to use
DOS style directory listings.)  I'm sure the same thing could be
accomplished by flipping a registry key value somewhere, but I don't
know which one off hand.

On NT 4.0, an optional FTP server may be installed when installing the
Peer Web Services, which are included with NT 4.0.  This package comes
with an integrated management program for the web services which
guides you through their setup.  I believe Microsoft got more of a
clue by this point and made the default FTP directory listing format
to be Unix style.

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