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Re: Running Bash Scripts? - Summary

Thanks to everyone who replied. Here is a summary for the archive:

1. The bin directory (in my case h:\Cygnus\H-i386-cygwin32\bin) must be in
your DOS path. Set this up using a *.bat script which start bash.

2. The bin directory must contain a sh.exe. This can be a copy of bash.exe
(as the current implementation of cygwin32 does not support symbolic

3. The $SHELL environment variable is ignored by bash (This is clear from
the bash manpage, but I thought it was used by bash...)

4. The bash PATH does not *have* to point to the bin directory to run, but
your script will probably contain commands which do require it.

1 and 2 are strange conditions: anyone have a good reason why they exist?

> From: Paul McDermott <>
> To: Gnu-Win32 Mailing List <>
> Subject: Running Bash Scripts?
> Date: Sunday, March 09, 1997 7:14 PM
> When I first run bash in a DOS box in Windows 95, and run a bash script,
> get a no such file of directory error. If I then run a sub-shell by
> "bash", the script will run fine. (see the example below). Does anyone
> why?
> 1:# cd /windows/desktop/example
> 2:/windows/desktop/example# ls -al test5
> -rw-r--r--   1 500      everyone       13 Mar 09 19:08 test5
> 3:/windows/desktop/example# cat test5
> echo Hi
> ls
> 4:/windows/desktop/example# test5
> BASH.EXE: ./test5: No such file or directory
> 5:/windows/desktop/example# bash
> 1:/windows/desktop/example# test5
> Hi
> test5
> 2:/windows/desktop/example# exit
> exit
> 6:/windows/desktop/example#

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