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Trying to compile PVM - Get the following error !

PVM ( Parallel Virtual Machine ) - There is a win32 port but it requires Microsoft dev tools to compile slave programs against its libraries. 

I thought I would have a pop at compiling the *NIX source with gcc-win32. All was going well until

gcc -O -DCLUMP_ALLOC -I../../include -DARCHCLASS=\"WIN32\" -DIMA_WIN32 -w -DNOSO
\rsh.exe\" -o pvmd3 ddpro.o pvmfrag.o host.o hoster.o imalloc.o mesg.o nmdclass.
o pkt.o pvmalloc.o pvmarchc.o pvmcruft.o pvmd.o pvmdabuf.o pvmlog.o sdpro.o star
tup.o task.o tdpro.o waitc.o  -lcygwin -lwsock32
hoster.o(.text+0xe8d):hoster.c: undefined reference to `cygwin32_endservent'
hoster.o(.text+0x1253):hoster.c: undefined reference to `rexec'
make: *** [pvmd3] Error 1
make: *** [s] Error 2

_rexec is defined within wsock32, I am assuming that this is the stub for rexec ? If this assumption is correct then it doesn't seem to link.

cygwin32_endservent cannot be found in any library - I am using nm *.a and egrep.

All help/advice greatly appreciated. This is the first port I have attempted with gnu-win32 so applogies if these are simple issues !


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