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Re: newbie question

Weiqi Gao wrote:

> Most TeX documents uses the LaTeX set of packages.  However the GNU system
> is stuck with a different package called Texinfo.  These two packages are
> orthogonal (mutually exclusive), and most TeX distributions are bundled
> with only the LaTeX packages.

"orthogonal" is not at all a synonym for "mutually exclusive";
quite the opposite, in fact.

GNU's texinfo was designed to generate output in *either* TeX format
for high-quality printing *or* .info format for hyperlinked on-line
reading.  If you have a .texi file but no .info file, just run
makeinfo on the .texi file to produce the .info files, then move
them into a directory on your infopath.  These .info files can then
be read with either ntemacs or with the standalone info reader.
My recommendation is to install ntemacs, read the info on info
by typing ctrl-H+i, and go from there.

Some of these pieces may not be in place in the cygwin distribution;
my setup has evolved to the point where it is too painful to retrace
these steps; perhaps someone else would care to fill in the gaps.

Also, since questions about texinfo are not specific to cygwin,
one of the GNU newsgroups might be a place to get informed comments.

<J Q B>
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