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Re: Perl 5.003_90 Configure recursion using beta 17.1e

Jim Balter wrote:
> Well, I can't read Geoff Noer's mind,

Even I have problems with that occasionally.  (I prefer when it's open
with read/write permissions of course). :-)

> only his code, and he doesn't seem
> to post much here other than press releases

Actually, most of the code was written by other folks at Cygnus.  I've
spent most of my time on the project stabilizing things, fixing bugs,
making the build process work, making releases, figuring out what still
needs to happen and what priorities are, etc...  I'm also often busy
working on other projects for Cygnus.  When I'm extra-busy, I won't
be answering mailing list questions as much as when I'm not.  I still
try to have read everything at least...

With respect to the mixed mode option disappearing, the path code
was rewritten last summer and when this was finished the mixed mode code
wasn't reenabled.  Testing it (and rewriting it if necessary) hasn't been
high on the priority list and I'm not completely convinced we really want
to support this functionality in the future.

Geoffrey Noer
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