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NT Scheduler & mounted drive

Does anyone use the NT Sheduler?  I'm trying to include Win32 into our
nightly build cycle but am running into a strange problem.  Here is my setup:

First I've got a file nightly.bat.  This essentially starts bash and tells
it to run go.nightly.

go.nightly cd's to a source directory on a drive that was mounted with the
-b and -m options.  After that it just does a make.

go.nightly (run in a bash shell) by itself works
nightly.bat (run from a dos prompt) works

when it is run by the schedule service make complains that there is no

If I rename Makefile to make.w32 (and run make -f make.w32), it starts up,
but dies as soon as it comes it needs to deal with a file with uppercase
characters in it's name.

As I said, this works fine if I type it in from the command line.  The
scheduler also has no problems doing make on a Makefile on my local drive.

Has anyone tried anything like this?  Does anyone out there have insight
into the NT Scheduler and how it might be interacting with mount?  I'm
thinking about posting something similar to one of the ms.prog.win32 type
newsgroups but I suspect that someone who knows how mount works would have
a better chance at knowing what is happening.


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