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Patch 1: g77-0.5.20 with gnu-win32 b17.1

I've updated my patch for g77-0.5.20 to make it work with gnu-win32 
b17.1 and looks good so far. It's passed most of the simple tests I've 
thrown its way, but it's still too soon to tell.

It's too large to post here (182k text, 44k GNU zip'd), so I've put it up 
for Web access. Please take a look and see if it works for you. URL after 

Please see the comments in the patch, especially the dire warning:

   !!! DO NOT USE THE gcc/f/gbe/ PATCH !!! 

Consider this a hacker's release -- which means I don't have time to
answer questions on how to build x-compilers (and canadian crosses!), 
fixing makefile errors, the secret to good espresso ...

I would very much appreciate your trying it out and see what bugs come
out of it.

For those of you who missed my last set of patches, this is the 3rd in
the series -- for g77 0.5.18, then and now 0.5.20. All quite
messy, but all do work reasonably well.

Mumit --
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