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RE: xterm for win32

The console window scrollbar stuff worked perfectly in Vim under NT
3.51.  Problems appeared in NT 4.0.  I've never had the energy to track
it down, but I'm inclined to ascribe it to a bug in NT rather than Vim.

I do know that if you Minimize (Alt-Space N) and then Restore (Alt-Tab
Shift-Alt-Tab Shift-Alt-Tab) the command window, the scroll bar comes
>/George V. Reilly
>MicroCrafts, Redmond, Wash.  206/250-0000
>Win32 Vim (Vi IMproved), Denali components:

>-----Original Message-----
>From:	Rui Maximo []
>Sent:	Tuesday, March 04, 1997 2:18 PM
>To:	'JP Shipherd';
>Cc:	Vim users mailing list
>Subject:	RE: xterm for win32
>The problem of the disappearing scrollbar in a cmd window is also
>under NT.  It seems to be a refresh problem.  Whether the problem is
>vim or cmd is elusive.  Maybe vim needs to tell cmd to refresh upon
>Note that the scroll bar is ALWAYS visible when I temporary switch to
>shell (Use Ctrl-Z). Since I figured that this problem was already known
>Bram, I didn't bring this to his attention.  A quick way to get around
>it is
>to minimize the cmd window and then restore it.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From:	JP Shipherd [SMTP:jp@NuanceCom.COM]
>> Sent:	Tuesday, March 04, 1997 12:12 PM
>> To:
>> Cc:	Vim users mailing list
>> Subject:	Re: xterm for win32
>> (Vimmers, the following is a thread from the cygnus gnu-win32 project
>> mailing list.  To cut to the chase read from the bottom up:)
>> >>>    JP> Has anyone found anything like an xterm that they can use
>> as a
>> >>>    JP> substitue for the cmd window on NT?
>> >>>
>> >>>    JP> I really miss the scroll bar and simple cut and paste.
>> >>>
>> >>>   If you just want these two items you can add them easily to your
>> >>>native NT command window. Just access the "Properties" menu entry
>> on
>> >>>the command prompt and set the "Screen Buffer Size" field in the
>> >>>"layout" tab control. Setting the "Height" to something like 2000
>> >>>gives a nice scroll buffer, like an xterm.
>> >>
>> >>This is definitly handy but after 2000 lines the scroll bar just
>> >>evaporates.  Instead of getting rid of the oldest 1 every time it
>> needs to
>> >>add a new one (like an xterm does).  This can be quite
>> disconcerting.
>> >
>> >I don't seem to have the problem JP is eluding to though, my
>> scrollbar is 
>> >just fine regardless of how many line scroll by, obviously only the
>> last 
>> >2000 are accessible once I scroll more lines than that. I can't
>> imagine why 
>> >yours simply disappears?
>> >
>> My mistake.  The scroll bar doesn't misbehave.  The problem seems to
>> be a
>> combination of Vim (Vi Improved) v4.6b and the BASH shell.  When I
>> start
>> vim the scrollbar goes away.  Then when I exit it comes back.
>> Sometimes.
>> Sometimes it stays away.  If I exit bash and go back to the DOS
>> command
>> prompt the scroll bar re-appears.  This never happens if I run VIM in
>> a
>> plain DOS window, but if I'm also running BASH it doesn't always come
>> back
>> (but sometimes it does).
>> --jp
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