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Re: xterm for win32

(Vimmers, the following is a thread from the cygnus gnu-win32 project
mailing list.  To cut to the chase read from the bottom up:)

>>>    JP> Has anyone found anything like an xterm that they can use as a
>>>    JP> substitue for the cmd window on NT?
>>>    JP> I really miss the scroll bar and simple cut and paste.
>>>   If you just want these two items you can add them easily to your
>>>native NT command window. Just access the "Properties" menu entry on
>>>the command prompt and set the "Screen Buffer Size" field in the
>>>"layout" tab control. Setting the "Height" to something like 2000
>>>gives a nice scroll buffer, like an xterm.
>>This is definitly handy but after 2000 lines the scroll bar just
>>evaporates.  Instead of getting rid of the oldest 1 every time it needs to
>>add a new one (like an xterm does).  This can be quite disconcerting.
>I don't seem to have the problem JP is eluding to though, my scrollbar is 
>just fine regardless of how many line scroll by, obviously only the last 
>2000 are accessible once I scroll more lines than that. I can't imagine why 
>yours simply disappears?

My mistake.  The scroll bar doesn't misbehave.  The problem seems to be a
combination of Vim (Vi Improved) v4.6b and the BASH shell.  When I start
vim the scrollbar goes away.  Then when I exit it comes back.  Sometimes.
Sometimes it stays away.  If I exit bash and go back to the DOS command
prompt the scroll bar re-appears.  This never happens if I run VIM in a
plain DOS window, but if I'm also running BASH it doesn't always come back
(but sometimes it does).

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