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Re: xterm for win32

>At 06:22 PM 3/3/97 -0500, Scott Kay wrote:
>>>>>>> "JP" == JP Shipherd <> writes:
>>    JP> Has anyone found anything like an xterm that they can use as a
>>    JP> substitue for the cmd window on NT?
>>    JP> I really miss the scroll bar and simple cut and paste.
>>   If you just want these two items you can add them easily to your
>>native NT command window. Just access the "Properties" menu entry on
>>the command prompt and set the "Screen Buffer Size" field in the
>>"layout" tab control. Setting the "Height" to something like 2000
>>gives a nice scroll buffer, like an xterm. 
>This is definitly handy but after 2000 lines the scroll bar just
>evaporates.  Instead of getting rid of the oldest 1 every time it needs to
>add a new one (like an xterm does).  This can be quite disconcerting.

I have been watching this thread for a little while and I feel much the
same about the nastiness of the windows dos (and telnet) windows.  I wrote
a fairly faithful replacement for xterm in Java that includes a simple telnet
client.  You can check it out at  

I have only started looking at the cygnus work to figure out if I could
run their bash from within my Java app somehow.  I figure I could start up
an inetd and telnet into localhost, or wrap bash in a native java method that
can return a and that I can use
instead of the NVT logic in JXTerm.

I suspect that starting up inetd would be easy to the gnu-win32 initiated.
Is there support in the gnu-win32 environmet that can cover the work of the 
pty?  Does gnu-win32 know of terminfo/termcap yet?  Any gurus out there
care to comment on this?

--John Winans
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