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Re: xterm for win32

>>>>> "JP" == JP Shipherd <> writes:

    JP> Has anyone found anything like an xterm that they can use as a
    JP> substitue for the cmd window on NT?

    JP> I really miss the scroll bar and simple cut and paste.

   If you just want these two items you can add them easily to your
native NT command window. Just access the "Properties" menu entry on
the command prompt and set the "Screen Buffer Size" field in the
"layout" tab control. Setting the "Height" to something like 2000
gives a nice scroll buffer, like an xterm. To make the foul windows
cut and paste work a little more like the X c/p you can set the "Quick
Edit Mode" checkbox in the "Options" tab control. With "Quick Edit
Mode" you can just drag highlight, hit <CR> to copy to the paste
buffer and then a right mouse will paste it (almost as nice as X, but
not quite).


    JP> Thanks, --jp

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