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Re: patch to cygwin.dll + ncurses for termcaps

	I don't recall if I put it in my orig post or not, but all of my
filesystems are mounted -b, so the patches are LF only. When you use
patch.exe the filesystem, file, and patch-file should all be in sync, (the
file, and patch-file must be).

	The patch itself is much less usefull without the -b option to mount, I
couldn't even get ncurses to configure, (without a lot of work) untill I
switched over.

> From: Sheik <>
> To: Mikey <>
> Subject: Re: patch to cygwin.dll + ncurses for termcaps
> Date: Monday, March 03, 1997 11:43 PM
> Hey. I tried to apply your patches to the source, and basically, they all

> failed =)  I can only assume you ran the patches on an older version of 
> the source?  I have the most current one I just took from the www site.
> I ported over ssh, but the ansi support in cygwin.dll is somewhat broken.

> which is why I need your stuff =)
> Thanks for any help,
> Scott Kilau
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