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RE: new user to cygwin32...

Peter Amstutz[] wrote:
>Hello all.  I just recently downloaded & installed the full distribution of
>cygwin32 (all 40 megs of it!) with the intent of learning something about
>windows programming.  From what I have seen, this library is largly intened
>for porting unix/gnu software to a windows environment, but how suitable is
>it for straight windows programming?  I bought the book Programming Windows
>95 (by Charles Petzold) and the examples are designed to work with MS Visual
>C++.  Are there any particular things I should watch out for in compiling
>the VC++ programs under gcc?  (other than re-writing all the makefiles...)

With either the Cygwin API or Mingw32 you should be able to do straight
Windows programming. I believe you might have less trouble with the Petzold
examples if you use Mingw32, but either one can be used for your own

There are some typos and missing macros in the Win32 API headers which will
cause you trouble with the Programming Windows 95 examples. Implementing
the fixes mentioned on my problem page (
/Towers/6162/gcc-problems.html) might help a little. You're also going to
have trouble with resource compilers I think. The resource compiler lrc 
from lcc ( might be your best bet, or
you might consider using lcc itself (since it's also free and a lot less
of a disk/processor hog) for all your programming.


-- Colin Peters -
-- Saga University Dept. of Information Science

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