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Re: new user to cygwin32...

Peter Amstutz wrote:

>Hello all.  I just recently downloaded & installed the full distribution
>cygwin32 (all 40 megs of it!) with the intent of learning something about
>windows programming.  From what I have seen, this library is largly
>for porting unix/gnu software to a windows environment, but how suitable
>it for straight windows programming?  I bought the book Programming
>95 (by Charles Petzold) and the examples are designed to work with MS
>C++.  Are there any particular things I should watch out for in compiling
>the VC++ programs under gcc?  (other than re-writing all the makefiles...)
>Also, it seems that the standard set of cygwin32 header files are missing
>the SND_* macros...

If you are already familiar with the GNU C/C++ environment, then go ahead
and use cygwin32.  Otherwise use Microsoft Visual C++.  Cygwin32 should be
able to compile all the examples of the book, but figuring out how is going
to be a challenge, as documentations of the tools are at best sketchy.

Weiqi Gao
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