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BASH && bug and (temp) fix

Possibly someone has already posted a fix for this, if so PLEASE! repost.
cause I missed it. ;^)

bash 1.14.7 built from the current b17.1 source tree has a problem with &&,
to reproduce this just do./bash tests/precedence, from the user/bash source

you should get output something like      bad seperator `276'!

This problem does not occur with bash.exe from all.tar.gz.

This problem shows up under both win95 and linux, and apparently is
somewhere in the most recent changes to, because replacing the
current with from 1.14.6 makes it go away.

In order to run the full tests suite, under win95 you need to 

make -f Makefile.fsf tests	(which will break) then
copy recho.exe to a dir in your path, then 
cd /your-source-dir/bash/tests
sh run-all

./glob-test	also has a problem mkdir: connot make directory `a*b': No such
file or directory (which seems reasonable to me, but works under linux :^). is 119k, so I'm not going to attach it, you should be able to pick
up a copy on, if you really want to work on this.

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