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RE: Cygnus Win32 B17.1: Port of Cyclic Software CVS 1.9

Mr. Kingdon:

>From: 	Jim Kingdon
>Sent: 	Thursday, February 27, 1997 2:52 PM
>To: 	Griswold, Victor
>Subject: 	Re: Cygnus Win32 B17.1:  Port of Cyclic Software CVS 1.9
>> Actually, given cygwin32, much of the 'windows-NT' directory is no
>> longer needed.
>At least for the time being, I, personally, expect to continue using
>Visual C++ and not cygwin32.  So it would probably be a matter of
>having two different ports rather than one replacing the other.
All cygwin32-specific code is bracketed by "defined(_WIN32)".  The code
has been built and tested on SunOS as well as WinNT, with _no_
modifications.  It is therefore quite possible to place all the listed
diffs into the mainline CVS code and not have a separate "port" to
cygwin32.  I might misunderstand your meaning of "port" however:  I
believe that you were refering to having yet another 'cygwin32'
directory under the CVS tree.

>> There are more than just WinNT-specific modifications below.  There are
>> several bug fixes to CVS 1.9 itself.  I have no time remaining on this
>> effort to sort out each and every one, however.
>Until this and other such items can be sorted out, it is somewhat
>unlikely that I, personally, will have time to look at the diffs.
>Maybe someone else will want to...

Normally, I refuse to do this, but few things in the software community
upset me more than someone who is handed a figurative plate full of food
and then says "now spoon feed it to me or I won't eat"...  it stinks of
"not invented here syndrome" or worse.

** FLAME ON **
Your email address indicates you work at Cyclic Software, supposedly the
maintainers of CVS.  The CVS "port" to WinNT available from links on
your site fails "CVS sanity" miserably and (among other things) is all
but useless for binary files.  Perhaps this is partly because you are
using Microsoft Visual C++ ;-), but its reason for failure on some items
are _not_ WinNT-specific.

Before I posted the diffs, I went through every line of the diffs once
more, cleaned up a couple of things, re-ran "CVS sanity" on _both_ WinNT
and SunOS, and did list all major non-WinNT-specific bug fixes.  I did
not, however, separate every diff line into non-WinNT-specific and
WinNT-specific and document the reason for each diff line.  This was
done in a morning (the full port, installation, and workgroup testing,
however, along with RCS 5.7, took almost three man-weeks).  I am still
willing to spend some limited time to answer questions about the
motivation behind specific, perhaps-not-obvious, diffs.

It is sad that Cyclic Software gives the appearance of caring so little
about the WinNT availability of a stable version of CVS that no one
there will spend a couple of hours to inspect these diffs, considering
that the fixes have already been made and tested a considerable amount
(on multiple platforms).  Perhaps some of the bugs have been fixed
through contributions on a mailing list, but I have been unable to find
an archive of the CVS mailing list.  Perhaps it is because with a
reliable piece of software, there will be less of an incentive for
people to purchase a maintenance contract from Cyclic...  Perhaps it is
because Cyclic Software has already found out about and fixed those bugs
internally, but has delayed making them available to the non-paying

>> Now, if someone will just port tkcvs to WinNT/Cygwin32...
>Check out the NT port at  I haven't run
>it myself, but as far as I know it works.  The author has made some
>noises about a new version--if that interests you, I'd suggest
>subscribing to the tkcvs-discuss mailing list (see the same web page)
>and bringing up the topic there.

Ah, this port just showed up on 2/17/97 (since I was last on the Cyclic
site).  Thank you for the information.

Victor J. Griswold, D.Sc.
Aironet Wireless Communications, Inc.
voice:	330-664-7987
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email:	(MS-Mail)

Disclaimer:  I speak for myself, not for my company.

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