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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xinit-1.3.4-1 (Major overhaul of X session handling)

The following package has been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* xinit-1.3.4-1

xinit contains commands used for starting X sessions.

This is an update to the latest upstream release, and includes a number of major changes to X session handling:

* startxwin is now a shell script instead of an executable; if you have any homemade links thereto, be sure to remember the .exe extension.

* startxwin now automatically finds an unused DISPLAY number, just like startx.

* startxwin now includes a default startxwinrc (if ~/.startxwinrc is absent) which launches a number of applicable "autostart" session services if present.

* The new default startxwinrc also launches a miniature fbpanel in the upper left corner of the screen which contains an XDG application menu (the 'X' icon) for launching X applications, plus an on-demand area for X tray icons. After the first run, the panel and menu can be customized in ~/.config/fbpanel/multiwindow.

* User-defined ~/.startxwinrc files must now be executable, the final command therein must be run in the foreground, and that command's exiting will end the X session, just like with startx and ~/.xinitrc or ~/.Xclients.

* Both startx and startxwin now start a D-Bus session bus automatically.

* X sessions (both multwindow and desktop) started with the newly revised Start Menu shortcuts now log stderr to ~/.xsession-errors.

* startx now prefers ~/.Xclients (which must also be executable) instead of ~/.xinitrc; the latter can still be used, but doing so will override many of the new features mentioned here.

* If startx is run from the command line and neither ~/.xinitrc nor ~/.Xclients are present, it will try to start a real desktop environment if present before falling back to twm/xterm.

* startx and startxwin now pass '-nolisten tcp' to the server by default, which increases security in the X server by not opening a port to TCP connections. The '-listen' flag can be passed as a server argument to override this.


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