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Re: Strange interaction between Cygwin/X and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

Am 23.07.2013 14:59, schrieb Jon TURNEY:
I can't reproduce this.

I think there must be some other factor at work: the XWin error message
relates to a timeout during X -> Windows clipboard conversion, but I can't
make clicking on a firefox bookmark cause that conversion to happen.

There are definitely bugs in this area, so any additional information you can
provide would be helpful.

After deeper investigation, it occurs that the problem is triggered by gnuplot in particular (I was effectively unable to reproduce it with a few other X11 applications, as xterm, xfig, xdvi or ddd). Most of the time I use gnuplot from within Octave, but the easiest way to reproduce the problem is by launching gnuplot directly in a Cygwin terminal window, then entering "plot sin(x), cos(x)" on the gnuplot prompt to open an X11 pop-up window containing a plot. Here is the terminal output from gnuplot:

$ gnuplot

         G N U P L O T
         Version 4.6 patchlevel 3    last modified 2013-04-12
         Build System: CYGWIN_NT-5.1 i686

         Copyright (C) 1986-1993, 1998, 2004, 2007-2013
         Thomas Williams, Colin Kelley and many others

         gnuplot home:
         faq, bugs, etc:   type "help FAQ"
         immediate help:   type "help"  (plot window: hit 'h')

Terminal type set to 'x11'
gnuplot> plot sin(x), cos(x)

After this, clicking on Firefox bookmarks shows the problem - also when using the bookmark window opened with Ctrl-Shift-B. I also tried to relaunch FF in "safe mode" i.e. with add-ons disabled, with the same result. After closing gnuplot it is necessary to wait for a few minutes until FF's behaviour returns to normal; alternatively one can close the X server to restore the normal function of FF immediately. The problem shows both under Windows XP (SP3) and under Windows 7 (SP 1). I attach the "cygcheck -s -v -r" output and the /var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log for the former platform. I don't know why most of the message lines in the XWin.0.log are duplicated without and with the [time stamp] in front (it is not the case under Windows 7) - but that's another problem.

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