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Re: Implement ~/.xsession-errors?

On Mon, 2012-11-26 at 13:35 -0500, Ken Brown wrote:
> I'm wondering whether it's feasible for the Cygwin X-server to redirect 
> stderr to ~/.xsession-errors for programs started under the server, as 
> is done on some Linux systems.  This would be useful for two reasons. 
> First, some programs emit warnings that can be ignored, and it would be 
> nice if users could avoid seeing those every time they start the 
> program.  Second, and more importantly, standard error is often lost, 
> for instance for programs started by ~/.startxwinrc.  It could be useful 
> for package maintainers to be able to ask users to send the contents of 
> ~/.xsession-errors.

~/.xsession-errors is a GDM-ism; as we don't use DMs in Cygwin/X, it
would mean implementing it from scratch somewhere else.  Also, a quick
Google search turned up a bunch of bugs about this file continuously
growing to the point of filling the disk partition, which is obviously
unacceptable, nor would it be helpful in the way you propose (think:
strace snippets).  So I would say, probably not.  If you want to see
errors from a particular program, just start it from console, copy and


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