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Re: How to disable focus stealing prevention in XWin Xorg Multi-Window

On 18/10/2012 17:26, Jim Steed wrote:
> I have an X windows program that uses multiple windows and has buttons
> to bring up the other windows to the top.  These buttons don't work
> (have no effect) in the default settings of Cygwin's Xorg port due to
> "focus stealing prevention."

I'm afraid your diagnosis is incorrect.

It's a long-standing defect in multiwindow mode that no attempt is made to
synchronize changes in the X window Z-order (e.g. made by XRaiseWindow()) to
the native Windows window Z-order.

See, for example [1] for some discussion about why this isn't easy to fix.

> I have a little background with this in Linux as I know the magic in
> KDE to disable focus stealing prevention and get these buttons to
> work.  Is there a similar setting I can make to XWin Server's
> startxwin.exe to disable this?
> I have noted that twm and WindowMaker do not prevent focus stealing,
> and my program works fine in those window managers.  However, for look
> and feel, I would much prefer it to closer integrated into Microsoft
> Windows with the multi-window approach.


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