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Re: xlogo crashes XWin with Fatal Error (Segmentation Fault)

Re: xlogo crashes XWin with Fatal Error (Segmentation Fault)

                           2012.04.26.18:13:33 UT

Hey cygwin-x folks,

     I have not had notable difficulties with
XWin-1.12.0-4.  Just about everything that I have
done with it over the past few days has been fine.
However, when I read Yusuke's post, I thought that
I should try one of those old-timey X-programs to
see whether it would crash.

     I've been able to reproduce an XWin crash similar
to the one experienced by Yusuke.  My XWin did _not_
fail when I was running octave with either the fltk or
its usual gnuplot backends.  I was also able to run xfig
with no problem.  This was a crash caused when I opened
the xcalc program.  I'm not certain that I understand
his experiment with two terminal windows as a method of
narrowing the difficulty to the -multiwindow option.
However like Yusuke, I am starting XWin with the
-mulitwindow option.  The crash I observed was with
just a single xterm, and then the xcalc program.  Other
programs that opened x-windows seemed fine.

     In this instance, I had the debugging symbols
available, and collected information from a backtrace
using (gdb).  I've attached gdb.xwin.20120426.txt and
my XWin.0.20120426.log.  I did not see anything
interesting in the xwin0-log, and my (gdb) backtrace
is just the output from my glance at Jon Turney's
recipe.  I'm tossing it in this list in case it helps
better-informed folks to track down the difficulty
with XWin-1.12.0-4.

    If there is more specific or nuanced stuff that
I can log with (gdb) to provide more information,
please e-mail me.

George                 gbarrick_at_walsh_dot_edu

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Description: XWin.0.20120426.log

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