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Re: X segmentation fault when particular application attempts to open a window

On 4/25/2012 2:20 PM, Keith Lindsay wrote:

I'm running a data analysis program called ferret on a remote machine
that I've logged on to with "ssh -X". When the program attempts to
create a window, the Cygwin/X server crashes with a segmentation fault.
The seg fault is reproducible.

xclock works fine from the same remote machine.

This is with version 1.12.0-4 of xorg-server.

ferret has worked with some previous versions of the Cygwin/X server,
but I'm not certain about the precise version where the breakage
occurred. I backed up one version and encountered the same problem.

I've attached the output of "cygcheck -c", the file
/var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log, and the output of a gdb that is attached to
the XWin process when it crashes.

I'm at a loss about how to proceed further.
I welcome any advice that you can provide.

Thank you,
Keith Lindsay

Hi again,

I realized that I can back up to other versions of xorg-server by installing from the local directory that contains previous version downloads. I have discovered that ferret works fine with version 1.12.0-1 of xorg-server (built 2012-03-12) and generates the segmentation violation with version 1.12.0-2 (built 2012-04-04).


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