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Re: Problems with emacs built with gsettings support

I haven't made in progress in trying to debug this problem. I think I will probably have to build the next release of emacs without GSettings support. (This is a shame, but it's not a regression; emacs has never had the possibility of supporting GSettings prior to emacs-24.) If there are any emacs users out there who care about this, read on.

First, here's a summary of what I know. Everything I say is independent of whether I build emacs with gtk2 or gtk3.

* If emacs is built with GSettings support, it seems to work fine on Windows XP.

* It also works fine on my 64-bit Windows 7 systems if I


* It fails on my Windows 7 systems otherwise. The failure consists of emacs crashing with a segmentation fault shortly after it starts. This could happen after a few minutes or a few hours, but it always happens.

* I haven't found any indication that this is a BLODA problem, but I can't rule it out either.

It would be very helpful if other people could try it on Windows 7. Here are the steps for testing, which are simpler than what I posted earlier in the thread:

1. Install my test build of emacs-X11-24.0.95-7 by running

setup.exe -K

and adding to the list of mirrors. This was built with gtk3, so you'll have to let setup install a bunch of dependencies unless you already have libgtk3_0 installed.

2. Start the X server using the Start Menu shortcut, with no ~/.startxwinrc.

3. In the resulting xterm window:

eval `dbus-launch --sh-syntax`
emacs -Q &

4. Wait a few hours, if necessary, to see if emacs crashes. You can use it or just leave it alone (but don't use it for anything important).

5. Send a note to the list reporting success or failure, with details about your system.

6. If it fails, you can rerun setup.exe to restore your previous version of emacs. Or, if you'd like, you can install my build of emacs-X11-24.0.95-6, which was built without GSettings support.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to test.


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