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Re: Taskbar appearance changes between xorg-server 11 series and 12.0 series

All I can really say is that it works for me.  If run isn't doing it's job for
you, I don't know why.

You might like to take a look at using the xlaunch package to start your
Xserver and see if that behaves any better.

Ok ...

Does this suggest to you any other way that might work to get an iconified
xemacs from the .startxwinrc file?

We seem to be talking past each other here. The .XWinrc you attached does not specify a style for the 'emacs' class.

Yes; I changed it, and was reporting on the changed .XWinrc.

Adding 'emacs MINIMIZE' seems to work for me (although it does appear that the
window is created normal and then minimized, which a bit ugly, but that's a
consequence of the order we do things at window creation time)

Right, but this affects only windows launched manually from the XWin menu, not ones launched from .startxwinrc.

Maybe xlaunch can help with both issues :-) ... I'll look into it ...

Thanks! Eliot

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